Curious as to who the other person in this photo is?


Another german writer named Michael Fuchs-Gamböck, also inteviewed Morrissey (and many others).
It is well documenetd in his book "Gedd' it". In 1991 many "young" german writers were obsessed with the live comeback of their former The Smiths idol. Bequiffed with old-fashioned glasses was really something around that time.
The featured interview should date from his first german solo concerts around May 1991.
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The same thing that 'happened' to way too many talented young men at the time, presumably...

A pen name? :lbf:
Olaf Dante Marx was a trailblazer in German music journalism.
Very sad for those young men. I visited Hamburg in 1993 on a cold, grey day in early Spring (just a day trip whilst staying with family friends in Schleswig-Holstein for a Confirmation) and my impression was that Germany was far more conservative and religious than would suit me, so it's not surprising if young people looked to British culture sometimes.
Well, my immediate thought was that he looks too healthy to have passed from AIDS almost immediately after this interview - but I know that AIDS can kill quickly and it may have been a few months later that he passed.

I'm so intrigued by all the admiration Moz had from the German press at this time though. I never knew!
People here were very flattered, when Morrissey gave three concerts in Germany in 1991. Interviewers were queuing up. The first gigs since the Hamburg Rockpalast in 1984. Nevertheless, people were happy to smile at his "dull" rockabilly band in 91/92 as a "one trick pony" and could do little with the Chuck Berry references, especially from Boorer/Whyte. Rockabilly didn't have a revival at the beginning of the 90s and Morrissey's anachronism wasn't fully understood, I would say today.
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Thanks, sadly no more info to Olaf Dante Marx, other than already contained in the snippet....
As mentioned earlier, there is a brief Wikipedia entry on him:

Seems like an interesting writer. It is definitely him. Great detective work FWD.

If he did die of the same reason lots of young men were dying back then, the tragedy is he only had to make it another couple of years before drug treatments became a game changer (1995 - 1996).
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