Cure interview in Irish Times mentions Moz

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by ACTON, Jun 21, 2018.

By ACTON on Jun 21, 2018 at 11:30 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by ACTON, Jun 21, 2018.

    1. Thewlis
      That’s because you cannot read properly!
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    2. Frank Shankly
      Frank Shankly
      You clearly have not witnessed Andrew Eldritch on stage over the last 25 years or so.
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    3. URBANUS
      It was always going to happen right
      That Cure fans would pop up all over Solo. I suspect Moz fans loved that band but denied it just like people denied how much they loved the style and fashion of the skinheads.
      Moz fans have secretly been playing The Cure and lived a life in denial.
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Actually two of the Hollywood Bowl shows were deep track city and long as fuck jam sessions.
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    5. g23
      Funny story- when the Sisters first came back, I bought a ticket to see them at the Crystal ballroom in Portland. I was overcome by a wave of something while in line, where I knew I didn't want to see whatever they'd become. So I told my friends I'd catch up with them after the show, sold my ticket to someone wanting to get in, and went out to the bar. When I met up with my friends afterward, they all said it was the worst thing they'd ever seen and that I made the right choice.
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    6. g23
      So you're saying you'd wake up with a man inside your mouth?
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    7. g23
      I honestly think if he were to run with the classical/orchestra type of show that he could possibly sell it even now. He could cherry pick what he wanted for the set, but present it with new depth and dimension.
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    8. URBANUS
      Man or mouse with a distinct after taste of make up.
    9. Anonymous
      He can sing anymore with the same top notch precision that he used to do. His diction is now lazy and there is often a delay on certain words. And his voice is now reduced to a thin wail.

      Reeve Gabriels is on lead guitar ( a vision of prog rock musician, what a sight. Reeves is unable to fit in with the band. Look at his atrocious guitar solo in the song From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea from their Meltdown show.

      This is a slack band, they used to be precise, and now they are on autopilot.
      Even Roger Waters and Paul McCartney, who are both the elders of Smith, deliver shows with far more conviction.
    10. g23
      His voice has always been a thin wail. He himself has not been a thin whale, but a rather chubby one. Still, they check a lot of boxes for me musically, and I don't need to be able to eye-fuck musicians to enjoy them.
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    11. g23
      No different than dating a 40 year old rockabilly. :lbf:
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    12. Anonymous
      and one that lasted over 3 hours!
    13. URBANUS

      I think you've become my fave person on this forum.
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    14. StalinsPipe
      Don't think I've ever denied I liked the Cure. Why would anyone do that? They have written and recorded some amazing songs.
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    15. vegan.cro spirit# 776
    16. SuedeMoz
      Let's add that to the rather large list of "wouldn't it be amazing if Morrissey were to...".
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    17. Anonymous
      Imagine thinking Morrissey isn't right about everything.
      Neoconservative-sympathizers would rather prop up a plump, mute nostalgia-puppet (Robert Smith) with as many passionate opinions as classic LPs (read: 0) and a mercurial, perennial Insecurity (Johnny Marr) rather than reckon with Moz's statements on their own.
      Boomers who were left-leaning in the 80s just for the girls are the ones exposing themselves; not Morrissey. History vindicates Genius, not fluctuating fame or likability. I think we know who has what in the Smith vs Smiths equation.
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    18. g23
      It's getting larger every day, isn't it?
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    19. g23
    20. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      I’ve never had any problems with being a fan of both Moz and the Cure. And it’s not like they’re playing the same kind of music. They fulfill different needs!

      But to call The Cure irrelevant is just foolish. A huge amount of contemporary and/or young post punk/dream pop bands are heavily influenced by them. And they recently brought the house down at The Meltdown Festival and tomorrow they’re playing to something like 80k people at Hyde Park.

      And while it is true they haven’t released an album in ten years, they have been playing a couple of new songs at recent shows, and one of them (It Could Never Be the Same) is their best one since at least Jupiter Crash from 1996. The other one (Step Into The Light) also shows a lot of promise.
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