Official Facebook Cruel World confirmed, Pasadena CA., May 14, 2022 - tickets on sale June 11, 2021


There is another world . . . there is a better world.

May 14, 2022.

Pasadena, CA, USA.

Tickets on sale this Friday.

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The Clubhouse Platinum tickets are $799 + fees. For that price, I expect to be hanging out backstage, drinking beer with Moz, and using Debbie Harry as a footstool.
A friend of mine purchased 3 tickets for her teen children to go see Billie Eilish at the Firefly fesitval. The cost was $6000 lol. They are glamping. For my friends troubles, I rang up Billies mother and asked if my friends children could meet Billie and she said of course no problem. Billie and her mother are BIG Eric Clapton supporters. Anyway, my friends children will be so excited to meet their idol Billie Eilish who is young enough to be my grandchild.
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