Crashing down on the crossbars - an extra from a Smiths video interviewed

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By Bryce Edwards on Jun 8, 2017 at 7:55 AM
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    Sep 12, 2012
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    Here's an interesting interview with a Smiths fan (living in New Zealand), who appeared in The Smiths video for Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before:

    Crashing down on a crossbar: The New Zealand man in a Smiths video - The Spinoff
    By Helen Lehndorf
    June 8, 2017

    In 1987, at the tail-end of The Smiths' five year lifespan, a call went out to fans: apply now to be featured in the music video with lead singer Morrissey. Among those chosen was Hector Hazard, who talks to Helen Lehndorf about his memories of the day, and shares some never before seen photos of the shoot.

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    1. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
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    2. Anonymous

      Is this Tim Broad on the background?
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    3. Watson
      Great article. Thanks for posting.
    4. Zari
      Interesting reading. Thanks.
    5. Anonymous
      Didn't he (Hector - by the way, nice of Moz to include him in a lyric 17 years later..ha ha) get it wrong when claiming that I Started Something mentions "mass murder"? It's the other way around, right?
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    6. g23
      I went into this thinking that it would be far less interesting than it really was.
      Neato story.
    7. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Really enjoyed reading that, thank you.
      The photos are fantastic too.
    8. Anonymous
      Great article - cool photos. For once I have nothing negative to say! :)
    9. SuedeMoz
      Not sure - but that's the face Morrissey seems to always make in photos now.
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    10. Anonymous
      According to this it has to be Tim. Sad that he died just 6 years after this video. And Derek was also gone by 1994.

      "One of the guys making the video had an odd bowl haircut, and looked quite androgynous. He turned out to be a guy who had worked with Derek Jarman a lot, as his cameraman."
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    11. Bluebirds
      That was a fantastic read. Cheers. Photos are awesome too and Hector Hazard. What a name. Was he actually the First Of the Gang?

      PS Hope against hope that the British Lions win out there
      More chance of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.
    12. Bluebirds
      Yes but time and living thousands of miles away from your youth does things to you
    13. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Great article!
      Nice photos too.
      Like the one where he is pulling that face. :squiffy:

      One thing is puzzling me though.
      The line, "plan a mass murder" was in the song " Stop me ", that was intended to be the music for the video?
      After Huddersfield, it was decided to retract that and use in stead, " I started something" ? I am confused now which one was first and which one was replaced by the other. :confused:

      I do like the casual way the idea for the bicycle tour with Moz look a likes was made and the role Moz played in it. Funny and self mockery too.

      It is somewhat a pity that charming and spontaneous feeling to it doesn't seem possible anymore when it comes to making a video for a song. (Though I quite liked the video for IBEH too for the same feeling).

      Oh well, things have changed through the years since 1987.
      Video's or not, that new album is going to be great!
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    14. Anonymous
      'Stop Me' was the original single choice, and that was what this video was initially made for (good job there was no lip syncing to worry about!). "Because of a reference to "plan a mass murder" in one lyric it was banned from daytime airplay by the BBC because of the then recent Hungerford massacre, so the band decided not to release it in the UK, however it was released in various other regions including North America, Europe, Australia and Japan."'ve_Heard_This_One_Before

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    15. Bluebirds
      It (Stop Me) was due to be released but Rough Trade pulled it on account of its reference to mass murders in light of the Hungerford shootings. Where Michael Ryan shot 17(?) dead. Interestingly he wasn't a Muslim.
      I Started Something was released instead which most would say was the Smiths penultimate single.
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    16. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Thanks for clearing that up!
      Much appreciated :thumb:
    17. Urbanus
      Manchester never changed but something called globalism happened which changed the world and made it the same everywhere and that is damp, grim and cold. Globalism never encourages people to get to know locals so instead people (tourists) see a boring exterior of old streets and houses and that will never leave a good impression.

      The angriest people I ever met all came from New Zealand so maybe New Zealand changed him more than Manchester changed itself.

      Hipsters are not a barrel of laughs are they?

      One mans view of a place is not the worlds view of it. Hairy feet belong down under.
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    18. ACTON
      Great interview of the best name since.... well since Morrissey ditched his first name. Hector Hazard. Classic!
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    19. ACTON
      Of course everthing has been AmericaniZed and culture is on the edge of extinction and has all the glamour of Donald Chump's wilted wig. However, the cheap facade of American vulture only extends as far as your eye line. Next time you are in a city and want to really see it just look up. The upper stories and roofs have survived the onslaught of neon and garish plastic and can be quite beautiful and remain unchanged despite the fact that it's citizens now say Choozday instead of Tuesday, and start every sentence with the word 'Like'. And think that 'Friends' is the zenith of humOR. As for me, I will stick to watching proper British comedies and listening to British music which has an edge that no other country comes near in terms of quality and longevity and relevance. I'm not British but hats off to them for ace comedies and music. In the interest of fairness I also love crime novels and TV shows from the US. But I don't like how quick people are to cast off their nationality in favOR of Hamericanization.
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