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Morrissey’s I Am Not a Dog on a Chain
Scott Weisswald
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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?
Morrissey, our favorite gay (postulated) racist (dismissed) vegan (confirmed), released his 13th solo album today, March 20th, 2020. It is called I Am Not a Dog on a Chain, which is a fantastic example of just how kneecapped the self-awareness of the rich and famous can be. While Chain is a marked improvement over California Son, the album preceding this one, both records would be suitable material for playing over hell’s loudspeakers. Chain would simply be a few levels up.
Chain can be — rather neatly — criticized on three grounds. For one, the record addresses themes that Moz explored with greater nuance, passion, and kairos on previous albums, with Low in High School being the most appropriate example. Two, the album fails to live up to its sonic ambitions, likely due to Morrissey’s inexperience with the genres he was influenced by for this endeavor and on account of these same genres’ datedness. Three, much of the album sounds indistinct across its tracks, with the same timbre and cadence of its drums, the same generic synthesizer, and the same cliched “alt-rock” guitar tones. As a bonus point, Chain is his second-worst album cover. (The honor of first-worst goes to Years of Refusal.)

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I gotta disagree with this review. I'm really digging the record although I will say on their own the singles (Spent the day../Jackie..) were probably better for me than the singles for this album but overall I think this is a stronger record. But LIHS is underrated
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