Counter-Currents: "Morrissey:The Last Romantic Poet?" (January 13, 2023)


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"This particular drunken squabble began with a discussion — if you can call several men shouting a discussion — about why there were no more Romantic poets after the blessed band of Milton, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats........

"Anyway, debate had been entered into, and it’s all Eliot this and Hölderlin that, and I said, no, bollocks. No more Romantic poets? There is one still living. A couple of the lads even put down their drinks and looked at me closely. I backed up my claim. What about Morrissey?"


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Neo-Nazi white nationalists still trying to use Morrissey for propaganda?

The UK National Front hated Irish Catholics, hated gay people & the Union Jack controversy was a lie.

Also his name is Steven.
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