Could you love someone that hated your cat/dog?

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I couldn't love someone that hated any cat or dog, actually.


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I volunteer for a no-kill cat shelter, and one of the cats who came to us a few weeks ago, Paulie, was given up by his human because the guy got a new girlfriend who was allergic to cats. :mad: :tears:

I have a dear friend who loves cats, has one, and is horribly allergic to them. She says it doesn't matter--that that's what medication is for!

I'm very lucky that I'm in a relationship with a man who also loves dogs and cats (who love him right back!).


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Of course not! I couldn't love anyone who hated ANY animal.
I couldn't love someone who hates Morrissey either.


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Nope. I don't trust people who hate animals or have disregard for their care. A man would be out the door so quick his head would be spinning if he had issues with my cat.


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don't trust people who hate animals
That's what I was going to say.

Dogs have a sixth sense for 'bad' people. Growing up, the few 'questionable' people that came by the house (one being a guy I dated :o:p), were barked & growled at incessantly...very unusual behavior for the dogs...only for us to find out/realize later, those people were pure evil.



People who don't like animals are a bit suspect.
Afraid my lovely little boys are part of the package.If you can't love them then you aren't getting near me.Of course the loveliest member of this site(she knows who she is)loves cats and dogs anyway.
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