Could someone please tell me what this is.

Jane Birkin

why? there are 3 rs in that one you could make a or anything you like as far as I am aware. I think there are tons of web sites like that with a letter extra or less. Should not worry about it really, its funny to see though.
OMG only just realised there were 3 rs, well spotted.



"Domain parking is a way to make money through the natural type-in traffic of your domain names. You essentially are using a service to put up ads on your unused domain name. You only need to make about $.60 a month per domain name for this to be a profitable enterprise (assuming you paid $7.00 for registration).

The most common type of domain name that gets type-in traffic is a typo domain name.

Typo Domain Names
A typo domain name is a domain that is based off a typo of another more popular site. For example, is a typo of the popular service from Apple. A site parked at could probably expect to get a couple thousand visitors a month just from mistaken type-ins.

To find typos to register, you can use a Typo Generator Tool. People have been using this trick for years so it can be hard to find domain names, but if you keep up with fresh topics (e.g. search for typos on the name of an up and coming pop star) you might score big."

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