Could or will AI artificially 'resurrect' the Smiths?!

AI music, film, novels are, and always will be garbage.

I bought a novel a few years ago called The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter. The novel is a sequel to H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

It is garbage.

A novel written by an AI program would also be garbage, corporate controlled bollocks. It would also be VERY inclusive. Imagine Dickens’ Great Expectations with a black lead character. The novel wouldn’t offend anyone. The company that owns the AI would probably be state funded and as a result, they would tow the line…

Who the f*** would want to read it?
I feel like AI is such a hot sellable term right now and frankly it's quite dishonest. Now it's just a complicated mathematical model, after all. Weak, not a "strong AI" with cognitive skills. Yes, there are tasks it's helpful for, but not everything has to be computer-generated. Also mind that if you train it on garbage data, you'll get garbage results; sometimes it "hallucinates" for no obvious reason, and once it starts using computer-generated content for its own training, the quality will deteriorate.

Yes, it might be able to. But should it? I mean, as a gimmick it can work. But if it were, say, an official release or endorsed by anyone from the band, that to me would be very sad. Even if it were of high quality otherwise, that still would be just a fake.
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