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so in anyone up for a pub meet up before the gig? or bodega as thats word for it in danish?
i have never been to copenhagen and a moz concert is the perfect excuse for me to finally go there.wouldnt have gone though if he had announced berlin the same day, but the berling gig was added later, but oh well...
alternativly if you do arrive very late to the gig maybe in a pub after the gig or both? i dont think pubs close as early as in the UK doesnt they?
looking at google maps for pubs/bodega nearby
search bodega,+loc:+Copenhagen,+Denmark&z=13

search pubs/bars,+loc:+Copenhagen,+Denmark&radius=10.32&z=11

but maybe a copenhagen local can help with a ecommended pub or bar near the venue(Operaen,Holmen Ekvipagemestervej 10?) nothing to fancy please;)

also can you help me which bus/tube ticket for the 2,5 days ill be in copenhagen i need?
ill be traveliing all in all maybe 7-8 times back and forth in total
i dont want to buy the copenhagen city card- too expensive and i hardly to none will do any of the touristy stuff which they gave free entry to
ill mostly stroll around the citry and do window shopping on the day off as Im travelling on a minimum budget).can one pay a bus/tube ticket with a credit card ?
in germany you cannot pay with a credit card at many places where in the Uk you can pay almost everywhwere
is the bus and tube lines seapareted or can you travel with te same ticket in a bus as well as with a tube?is a bus /tube ticket center or a bus /tube automat at the railway station?
edit do have problems at the dsb train site (for copenhagen to aarhus): i dont want tself print as i dont have a printer but wanting to choose the
Afhentning - Jeg henter min billet i billetautomat / betjent salg
i.e. print at ticketmaschine with booking number
but i cannot choose any other than self print though i clicked on Afhentning it just stays at self printing.
please answer on a pm for the last^ train q -not in the thread.
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The city card is probably the cheapest ticket for you. A single ticket costs 24 DKK for 2 zones, 36 DDK for 3 zones and another 12 DDK for each new zone up to 8 zones. Not sure if they're just one way or back and forth or if you possibly can travel on them for 2 hours an unlimited amount of times. But 24 DDK times 7 is 168 DDK, 24 times 8 is 192 DDK. The city card for 72 hours costs 180 DDK.

Edit: You can pay with credit card btw.
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i asked on aynim the same and i get few suggestions
and alos researched a bit myself and i think ill go for the klippekord.

back and forth meaning from train station to hostel from hostel to oparaen and back and the next day a trip to city cenre and back and wedndesday one way to train station
.ill arrive at the central copenhagen train station at midday and then go to my hostel (Adelgade )
as far as i understand and one klip brings me from the train station to the hostel and i travel within the 2 zones of city centre hopefully
i def take the bus /tube to the operaren as its 4km from the hostel

ill be travelling with no danish kronen at all ,the fees are too high for changing and when i lift money of my credit card account to get kronen this is also very expensive.
hostel and bus/tube ticket will be paid with creditcard..ill take some food with me.hopefully any other extras i eventually need can be paid with credit card.
train ticket to aarhus is already paid.

as for meet up one which looks quite near is Cafe Høvlen I/S, Prinsessegade 77, 1422 Danmark
they claiming they have a jukebox, pool and pub-dog;) dont know if its a good suggestion but having a jukebox sounds always good. ;)
if anyone knows sth even closer or does not recommend it^...step forward
but im confused by the way to get there..why does one have to walk all around it and not just go straight ahead?
see the googlewalk suggestion is to walk all the way up the refshale veyj on the right which is much longer than the way the bus goes
while the bus goes the motre logical and much shorter danstrupvbej straight ahead
can one dont walk the same route as the bus straight ahead nd not all the way around on the right?
the city bikes cost 20 kronen but as said ill travel without kronen...
Cafe Høvlen seems fine to me. Close to the venue. And it is surely possible to walk the same way as the bus goes, don't always trust Google. ;)
if the lot of you cant manage before the gig how about afterwards?
Hello! What a bizarre feeling to actually post on So-low after such rigorous absence. :squiffy: :D

Just here to say I'm up for drinks after the gig! Cafe Høvlen is cool with me. And I'm cool with Cafe Høvlen. ;)

You know how to get to the opera, sistasheila? I'd also advise you to get a klippekort! :)
cool yeah good old google maps tell me how to get there ;)
so i guess everyone on here is rather for a meet up after the concert then?not before?okay.
problem is i dont know if the cafe is open that long on weekday ?
could someone from DK call them?
+45 32 54 21 70
could it be close im sure there will be a pub found in the near area of the cafe when one gathers there in front?
in the christianhavn area
wont be online to check this thread the next days
oh and if someone has a aarhus ticket spare... i know someone who would be VERY happy if he got one;)
write to WillBirgisson
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Personally, I'd prefer a meet-up before the gig since I won't stay the night in Copenhagen. I will leave Copenhagen at latest 0.44 from the railway station, maybe earlier.
i cannot promise anything pre gig as i dont know how the get and going to will take..and when im going to head towards christianshavn
..but def some gathering seems
but I try to have a peek into cafe before gig but on solo and aynim ist seems more peopel are up to a post gig meet up..( but there will be a way to contact you even though i dont have a celll
edit: anybody who had leave for the train station from the meet up is the bus connection from the cafe to central station
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I suppose I can stay an hour at Cafe Hövlen after the gig if I take the bus at 0.44. Now the question is what to do the hours that I spend in Copenhagen before the gig...
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