"Cool As You/Charles" by Education

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    I'm going to be playing your track Charles on my show 'The Asylum' 17th Oct '06 at 9:00:00 PM GMT... listen in at pulserated.com and SKY channel 0155 in the UK.

    A RATTLING but quietly sophisticated punk band with one foot in the past and one in the present, Education excel at upbeat gems of witty, intelligent lyrics and small musical hooks used with minimal fuss and maximum effect. Cool As You, the catchy, fast-paced opening track on their double AA side CD (ah - the days of vinyl), a strong but oh so brief number the Buzzcocks at their peak might have recorded as a b-side in 1977-78.
    The real gem here is Charles, a boldly executed dig at The Prince of Wales with irresistible sub-Morrissey butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth vocals by Christopher, great guitar work and striking changes of pace and style. Showing the confidence to spin out every word and guitar line way beyond most bands' safety zone, Education ram their message home with tongues firmly in cheek and in doing so equal anything achieved to date by, say, NME faves The Rakes.
    Reviewed by: Graham Chalmers, Harrogate Advertiser Gig Scene

    Education – ‘Cool as you, Charles’
    The rich, warm, deep vocals are instantly appealing on this ingenious new single from Education. The heavy lyrics are central and are catchy and up beat. They will be engrained on your brain before long, backed by melodic indie tunes which can happily be played on repeat. Both ‘cool as you’ and ‘Charles’ are pacy, different, warm and tuneful. Education are well worth looking out for. www.areyoueducated.com
    Review from Funky As Fudge.

    Education - Cool As You / Charles
    ..their debut single 'Cool as You' - a witty and infectious sing-along-able song that displays a definite degree of talent. The song has a rushed feeling throughout with quick pace and energetic guitar. No doubt, 'Cool as You' is a good song..
    'Charles', in comparison.. glides with a swagger and, again, witty lyrics. The chorus is instantly memorable with a fine tune to it and vocal harmonies that make the song what it is. It also gives us something the former song doesn't - a feeling of knowing what the band want to be.
    ..'Charles' pegs them down as a class indie band that should be heard. The single as a whole is an interesting affair that will interest many due to it's 'listen-ability' and can be considered a success that should lead onto further exposure in the North as well as some coverage 'down South'.
    Review by Joe Amos, MapsMagazine
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