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Hi, I found out quite a few years ago that Patric Doonan was my great-uncle (my Dad's uncle), which means that Tony Doonan is also my great-uncle, and George Doonan is my great-grandfather. There's two other people in the Doonan 'family', my nan, and her sister.

I'm not here to brag though, so please don't think that. It's just that I wanted to build a good reference point for my attempt of bringing an old thread back to life.

I was amazed to find out that Patric was referenced in an amazing Morrisey song; 'Now My Heart Is Full', and even more mystified by the reference; Patric Doonan - raised to wait. Even though I'm related to him, I never got to meet him as he died 32 years before he was born, however him and his family have always been a great inspiration to me.

Sadly, I can't give any explanation as to what Morrisey meant by 'Patric Doonan - raised to wait'.

However, I believe I do know the reason that he might have killed himself. God bless you Patric, I'm sorry. I heard from my granddad, Patric's brother in law, that he was engaged to Ann Firbank when he was already married to Aud Johansen. That might have been a big trigger of immense stress and desperation, I'm not sure.

I wish he were still alive so I could have met him - I did get to meet his brother once though, Tony Doonan though he was pretty run down as the effect of his brother's suicide was still lingering inside him. Sadly, Tony died a few years ago, of cancer; in 2014-2015, I think.

Perhaps 'raised to wait' could be a reference to World War 2, which was in full swing when Patric was alive. I'm not sure. I imagined it might have been a massive hindrance to him, as it was with everyone else.

If anyone has any suggestions about why Morrissey referenced him then please feel free to share them.

Also, if anyone has any trivia about my great-uncle, or his side of the family, then please feel free to share that too.

Thank you for reading, and I'm sorry for trying to bring back an old post ( but I'm just very curious.

Take care.
good bit of info.of course your not bragging your just putting the info out there for people.
now my heart is full patric doonan
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