ContactMusic: Yungblud's next album influenced by Joy Division and The Smiths (September 5, 2022)

Yungblud's next album features 'a lot more synths'

Yungblud's next album is influenced by Joy Division and The Smiths.

The 'Funeral' rocker is already working on his fourth record, the follow-up to last week's self-titled LP, and it's influenced by synth pioneers Joy Division and post-punk icons The Smiths.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's WIRED column, Yungblud - whose real name is Dom Harrison - said:
"I’ve already started on album four which has a lot more synths, it’s very Joy Division with a bit of The Smiths, definitely more in that direction"
Stop the press! The uncles and aunts at Morrissey-solo disapprove a young artist who Morrissey hasn't applauded (so far). The guy must be gutted. I just had a listen at Funeral and actually liked it: energetic, catchy, good-looking, genderbending -- not really that different from New York City Dolls 50 years ago.

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