Congratulations....someone has made my ignore list


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Why is it?! Also you say that as if it the only option other than arguing, which it clearly isn't.
It depends on the person. Some people don't like to argue, see no other alternative, and would rather just walk away from the situation.


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so if you are ignoring someone it actually tells you when they've posted? it doesn't just omit their post?
It shows they've posted with the message: This message is hidden because -********* is on your ignore list. I'm seeing that message on this thread.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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i have a lot of people on ignore(which is funny considering many ignore me i bet :eek:)
however, i then hit "view post" all the time, which i almost always regret :barf:

oye terence

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It would never be you. And I think you stopped talking to me... too busy doing something or someone... ;)
I would never forget my lovely midwestern friend.Never, ever.

back on topic, sometimes I wish I could put my brain on ignore, would make life easier, sometimes.
i <3 superhans isitsuperhans? nugz luvs phish s-hansgotpwned!
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