Congratulations Ireland


It's all good
Grand Slam champions. It'll be quite a night in Dublin, and of course, that great rugby city of Limerick. They had a big screen on O'Connell Street last year.



Clandestine global evil
Thanks, Peter.

It was an heart-stopping last 5 minutes, but a great day after 61 years wait.
I almost cried when Paddy gave away that last penalty. O'Connell is an absolute lion and O'Driscoll....there just aren't enough superlatives. After all these years of waiting, unbelievable.

I didn't think it was possible but this is even better than when they demolished England at Croke Park.

Fuck yes!!!


Well, I support Wales so I'm still feeling a bit sad today.

But congrats to Ireland, you played brilliantly through the whole Six Nations.


I was surprised by how well Ireland played against France, and they were the best team on the whole, actually playing some running rugby, rather than the usual 10 man rugby they do.

Still, my least favourite rugby playing nation.
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