Confirmed 2014 tour dates; seeking label to issue "World Peace..." - TTY

Morrissey confirmations -
25 August 2014

Monday October 6 LISBON, Portugal (Coliseum)
Monday October 13 ROMA, Italy (Atlantico)
Thursday October 16 MILAN, Italy (Teatro Linear)
Friday October 17 BOLOGNA, Italy (Paladozza)
Sunday October 19 PESCARA, Italy (Pala Gpii)
Tuesday October 21 FLORENCE, Italy (Obihall)
Wednesday October 22 PADOVA, Italy (Geox Theater)
Friday October 24 VIENNA, Austria (Konzerthaus)
Wednesday November 5 HANNOVER, Germany (Capitol)
Saturday November 8 LUND, Sweden (Sparbank Arena)
Sunday November 9 COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Falconer)
Tuesday November 11 GOTEBORG, Sweden (Lisebergshallen)
Thursday November 13 STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Hovet)
Wednesday November 19 WARSAW, Poland (Stodola)
Friday November 21 KRAKOW, Poland (Laznia Nowa)
Sunday November 23 BERLIN, Germany (Columbiahalle)
Monday November 24 ESSEN, Germany (Colosseum)
Saturday November 29 LONDON, England (02 Arena)

Morrissey is urgently seeking a label to issue World Peace Is None of Your Business, which is now withdrawn from the Capitol-Harvest Records catalogue.

For those of you who can attend these shows: enjoy. :guitar:

UPDATE Aug. 26:

An anonymous person posts the Eventim link to purchase tickets to Warsaw and Krakow, available now.

barney0o0 posts: - for all 6 italian venues - go on sale 27th @10 am​

An anonymous person posts:
Tingle3 posts:
I see there's an advert in London's TimeOut magazine for the London O2 gig. Says ticket sales from this coming Friday 29 Aug @ 9am via 0844 856 0202, 0844 811 0051 0844 826 2826​

Emil posts:
Morran writes:
Tickets for Sweden and Denmark shows goes on sale Monday 1 september.

Göteborg here:
Stockholm here:

Copenhagen here:

Tachat posts:
Tickets for Berlin will be sold on It should start tomorrow 9 am German time, but you never know with eventim. It might start earlier or a few hours later as well. Vienna is already on sale there. Columbiahalle is for about 3500 people. I think it's all standing. I'm not sure if Essen will be standing or seating though.​

An anonymous person posts:
I'm going to the show in Lisbon, the tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. if you want to buy your tickets online go to ticket line (Portugal) they're 39€. If you need any help let me know on twitter @barbarabcampos I'm from Lisbon.​
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Re: Confirmed 2014 tour dates - TTY

Anyone who buys tickets for these shows is a stupid a Morrissey statement post 1994. Seriously, the man is an asshole and gets his kicks by seeing how far he can push people. He will cancel, people will be pissed, he will laugh and end the tour before starting up again on another continent. It's an endless bad joke. Boycott the jerk!
Re: Confirmed 2014 tour dates - TTY

The spacing of dates (it is not economically viable to play a date a week, b/c you have crew and band and buses and ten ton trucks on the road), the spacing of days between dates is better than we have seen in the past. Message received. Moz is a trip. End with London. Not start with London. OK.

"wishing and hoping and thinking and praying and planing and dreaming" for the best,

- Ghoul
Re: Confirmed 2014 tour dates - TTY

AHHHHHHH!!!! Three nights of Moz in my motherland?! Oooooooohhh...
Which, based on sales, um chart placing, of "World Peace..." you clearly do not deserve considering the only book signing for Autobiography was there. Oh Gothenberg, so much to answer for! ;)
Re: Confirmed 2014 tour dates - TTY

This had disaster written all over it.
Re: Confirmed 2014 tour dates - TTY

So I'm guessing that the "finalised" date at Dubiln's O2 won't be confirmed until after London's O2 date has been on sale? :rolleyes:
This is further evidence that Morrissey does not care about his fans. He screwed so many people in the U.S. when he pulled the latest round of cancellations, and he goes scheduling new dates elsewhere--ridiculous.

What is the over/under on cancellations?

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