Confirmation of Smiths Documentary on TV this week.


Shaun Goater

Just to confirm, as I saw one of the production team at Blackburn on Saturday.
The show is on Granada, Border and Tyne Tees at 11.30pm this Friday. Originally it was to be on Yorkshire too, but they just havent earned it yet baby!

There are no plans for the documentary to be released officially, but i bet its going to be a best seller on ebay!
The Goat.
Can't believe they aren't going to show it in yorkshire...

WE'RE THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN THE U.K. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD... do we really not get to see this documentary? Granada bloody own Yorkshire TV, how daft... how daft.

People only like Morrissey and The Smiths in Lancashire - obviously...
Re: Confirmation of Mr. Proper Documentary on TV this week.

Alas, we can only dream.....
Re: Confirmation of Mr. Proper's pooper Documentary on TV this week.

Is it going to feature the poopercam?
it aired this week and was called "life of the dung beatle"
Re: Confirmation of Mr. Proper having sex with nonny's Mom

It is going to show behind the scenes footage of her suckling off a baboon and having sex with midgets as well as Mr.Improper
Correction: Mr. Proper having pooper sex with nonny's Mom
Re-Correction: Mr. Proper having sex IN his pooper .
Why have it on Granada and tyne Tees and not Yorkshire, were in the middle!

Complain to YTV, Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, LS2
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