Concert start time?


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Re: how long does his gig last for

Here's another question.

Is there an actual break from the regular set to the one song "encore"? meaning, does Moz and co. leave the stage for a spell after I'm Ok By Myself?

on the 3 Irish gigs so far,yes there is a break,all the band leave the stage,then come back on,line up,take a bow and plays the one encore,same song every night so far...which is.....i wont spoil the gig on you,leave someone else do that if they want !
What times does the set finish?

I am going to the antwerp gig, and i have to get a train back to my girlfriend's place after the show. The problem is that the trains finish at around 11pm. Is that going to be cutting it fine?
What times does moz normally finish?


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For the RAH gig tomorrow, well I phoned the box office today, they said it would finish 'no later' than 11.00pm but they could not provide more info.

Doors 6.45pm, starts at 7:30pm according to the tickets, so can we expect Moz on at 9.00pm or maybe a little earlier, after all it's just one support act - correct?

I don't want to think about coming home after the gig's not even happened but we have a long drive back to Peterborough afterwards!
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