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My mother made this for me, of which I have treasured dearly since the day I got it. However, I may have to part from it. An offer will be considered.
It is framed:
- Two (front) floor tickets to the show of Saturday June 27th, Madison Square Garden, New York City. Blondie opened the concert. (Included are the two airline tickets [mom and I] from Miami to NY)
- Two floor wrist bands
- Piece of torn shirt, worn by Moz at the encore, which was Now My Heart is Full.

Notes: My mother and I were standing center-front, a foot or two from the stage and Moz, who was in jeans and a dark blazer. And long story short, Moz, at the encore, had changed into a white long-sleeved shirt. Upon the last note, he takes off the shirt and hands it to mommy dearest… and the shit-show ensued, with other fans trying to rip it away from mom. She hung tough, and would not let go; the security person, noticing I had launched Tony the Pony over the stage, had enough… and gave mom a scissor; she cut tiny pieces, over an hour, and gave them out. We kept the larger piece. The shirt, btw, had a deep eucalyptus smell.
Here are some pics of mom and I.
(Also, you can find the recording on YouTube)


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I'm sure you have your reasons, but this seems highly personal. The only thing that may be of value here is the piece of shirt, and I'm not even sure what the market for that would be.

I'd consider keeping it. It seems like a special memory that one day you may wish you didn't part with.

PS: I was at this excellent show and remember the scrum for the shirt - I was nearby and half expecting to see myself in a photo.
lets hope you get a decent offer for it,put it on ebay where you may get more offers.
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