Morrissey Central COMPULSIVE FOOTNOTES (Sep. 8, 2020)

Rosalie Crutchley (above) who played the part of the startling Mrs. Dudley in the magnificent 1963 version of ‘The Haunting’ (MGM), also played the part of the housekeeper in the 1980s version of ‘The Norwood Builder’, a television Sherlock Holmes drama shot entirely at Beechmount, starring Jeremy Brett

Julie Harris, who appeared in the East Of Eden clip posted on Central September 5, also starred in The Haunting, so maybe he's starting the spooky season early this year...?
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There’s ZERO difference. They both used to have a higher level of raw cacao and fewer, if no modified-milk solids.

Those days are LONG gone, for both.

UK chocolate is GARBAGE.
Correct...Dairy Milk used to be a great bar of chocolate until the American recipe was used in the UK and it is so different to the original it is inedible. They also shrunk the bars and changed the shape. UK Dairy Milk simply isn't what it used to be.

Scanty Bit of A Thing

WTF are you on about, Soviet boy? You can’t afford proper chocolate. You’ve never even tried proper chocolate. Internet commentary is cheap, when your mom pays for it.

What are you eating tonight? Leftover burek and borscht, from the neighbours - who take pity on your mother because she has to support your broke-ass.

Croats and Serbs are just Yugoslavians with a grudge and nowhere to deal with it.
Absolute fact. Anyone who uses the word “vegan” in a screename is utter rubbish. 🚮🚮🚮

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