Coming to the Morrissey Convention with our without a ticket

Chris LaMorte

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I am coming in to Manchester for the Smiths Morrissey Convention and I'm hoping for help/advice. This is my first trip to Manchester and I'm a little nervous. So here are my questions:

1. There are no more tickets for the convention. Someone at the Kings Arms said they would release more in mid-March. But will it be very hard to get tickets at the door? Will it be totally impossible to get in? Anyone have an extra?

2. Hotels? Any good areas for a hotel? I hear Salford is not the most exciting area. Thinking about the Gay Village. Is it cheesy?

3. Transportation? Is it easy to get around without a car? Especially at night / post-drinking?

4. I'm planning to do a little Morrissey/Smiths tour. Could that be done in one day? What about the tours I've seen online?

5. Anyone want to hang out with a 45-year-old fan from Chicago?

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