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Tweets from Jon Favreau from the set of Iron Man 2:

First day went great. I've never worked on a sequel before. It's like we picked up where we left off.11:44 PM Apr 6th

Rourke does not disappoint.6:59 PM Apr 8th

Stayed late to watch dailies. It's great to see these characters come to life.1:24 AM Apr 9th

Completing work in one set today with Mickey, then into Tony's workshop tomorrow with RDJ.1:26 PM Apr 13th

Standing in Tony's workshop.11:58 AM Apr 14th

Sitting next to Pepper Potts.5:41 PM Apr 14th

Back from lunch. More Tony and Pepper in the workshop.8:57 PM Apr 14th

In the workshop. Exploring new Stark tech.11:09 PM Apr 15th

Wrapped. Heading home. Robert was on fire. We're hitting our stride.3:18 AM Apr 16th

Scarlett's first day. Very exciting.12:08 AM Apr 17th

Sitting in Stark's foyer waiting for the next set up.4:00 PM Apr 20th

Shooting in the workshop with Rhodey and Tony.5:40 PM Apr 21st

Don did a great job today.12:47 AM Apr 22nd

Scarlett and Downey in Stark manor.11:50 PM Apr 22nd

A welcome day off after a long, productive week on stage. We established all the rooms in Tony's house. Next week we bust out the suits.3:48 PM Apr 25th

Downey is donning the suit.2:27 PM Apr 27th

New on set practical suit is a marked improvement. Much lighter and less restrictive. Downey looks great in it.11:47 AM Apr 29th Here's the link to the article with first image.1:18 AM May 1st


Two suits on the set today.11:40 AM May 1st

Wrecking the joint. Not much left of the set. Broken stuff everywhere. Should look cool on screen.10:00 PM May 1st

More suited destruction today. Rigging a big gag with lots of cameras.10:48 AM May 4th

Scarlett's first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You've never heard a crew get so quiet so fast.about 13 hours ago

Now shooting first scene with Tony Stark and Nick Fury.about 9 hours ago

Another day at the office.

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