Comedian Mark Steel parodies Morrissey


Last Wednesday BBC Radio 4 broadcast "Mark Steel's in town" featuring the town of Stockport. At the end he again mentions Morrissey recording at Strawberry Studios, (with The Smiths), and continues to sing lyrics that he alleges Morrissey wrote but haven't yet been put to music. I think the whole show is worth a listen on BBC iPlayer, if you've bought a TV license.


I can only think the reason Mark Steel came out of retirement (so I believe) for a bunch of chav, sociopathic witch hunters in the North East was because he's slowly been conditioned over the years, Derren Brown style - you know - when signs have been left intentionally in your environment in order to slip into your sub-conscience, resulting in a person being manipulated into making decisions they wouldn't have necessarily made. I think it'll come back to haunt him. Perhaps he's someone who has confused inbred yob mentality for 'community'. Poor Mark.

On the plus side, not being able to vote will no doubt be a blessing in disguise. Go Mark.
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