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By Uncleskinny on May 30, 2013 at 5:13 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    From the new Viz magazine, continuing their tradition of Moz-related shenanigans. Ta to Al for the spot.

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    1. Mozza220559
      Haha class, long live Viz
    2. HandThatRocksTheCradle
      Well, that beats Disney World by a mile! "It's a Moz World Afterall!" [​IMG]
    3. Girlmostlikely
      Haha! I would so go to Morrissey World. "Learn to deliver the most withering of put downs." Classic. :p
    4. Anonymous

      Send out silly rants via a silly site called TiTY

      Make up childish playground names about the Royal family or famous celebs who you hate i,e, Jamie Horrible, Simon Cowshed and Kate Muddleten

      Have your fries salted for you to avoid infection from meat eaters

      Cancel gigs at the last minute because your Mums ill or your band is ill

      Keep harping on how you will never re-form the Smiths (Yawn) and how you hate Joyce

      Write and record crap albums with dodgy axe-men

      Learn what its like to have writers block

      Start to wear old shirts because you've thrown your others to the lions

      Moan how Manchester gave you nothing yet Tel aviv gave you the key to the city

      In fact just talk bollocks all day long

    5. Requiescant
      It's Morrissey's World....we just laugh in it!

      Good old Viz...surprisingly affectionate, given the slaughtering they've given some celebrities!
    6. DAVIE
      It's nice to know that Viz is still going.
    7. billy
      I don't remember Morrissey ever comparing 'meat-eaters' to 'the massacring of children'. He has compared the modern _meat industry_ to the massacring of children, and I don't care if that's "hugely inappropriate"; it's more than accurate.
      Whether we like it or not.
    8. Uncleskinny
      You know it's a spoof, not truth, right?

    9. Anonymous
      Oh come on 'P' and all you Moz botherers ! Have I hit a nerve here ? Come on tell me I'm wrong with the above ! X
    10. VIVAH8
      Yes, but spoof is exaggerated forgery. It's always based on a bit of truth or at least what the parodist thinks is the truth: "Morrissey is always moping, he always talks about the crimes of the meat industry." That is bollocks! I'm really sick of these stereotypes that so-called parodist always come up with! This joke isn't funny anymore... Especially when it comes to the meat industry: This industry is pure evil and injustice and I can't really understand where the point is in making fun of somebody who speaks out against this murderous industry again and again and again... Meat IS Murder is a statement and not just a fancy Smiths record! And by the way, most of Morrissey's comments, interviews and lyrics are more fun than this whole part of garbage...
    11. Anonymous

      ... and, on a daily basis, be insulted by childish trolls on what was once a great fansite...
    12. celibate
      first I don't believe yer peter hook, as someone in this comment thought

      but maybe as a fan from new order/ joy division, you maybe pissed that the Smiths were bigger than Joy Division,
      they only got fame from 1 album and a few demoos, when Ian Curtis comitted suicide, the loser. [if you play tough , I do it ]

      Morrissey's lyrics are supporting and give the feeling to people who struggle with themselves in life
      a feeling 'I'm not alone' plus He's still a Legend and has issues where he stands for, for 30 years on and more

      2nd part

      it was 30 years since ' Hand in Glove'... 5 years in the Smiths, 1988 ,Morrissey towards today ,is doing it without Marr, Rourke and Joyce,
      and still sell out venues within hours...and what does Hooky do, he just moans and contibutes nothing more in the musicindustry,..ta hooky

      up yer arse n' all
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    13. Anonymous
      Not funny at all. Morrissey is way too important and special to be treated in this shameful fashion. 2/10.
    14. Uncleskinny
      Christ, lighten up, it's a fucking comedy comic.

    15. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Viz is a national treasure. They've always had little digs at Morrissey since the beginning, and this is quite mild, ignoring his Queen in Ireland and "Middleton is responsible for the death of the nurse" idiocy, and the Falklands treachery.

      The difference with such articles today is that now he has seemingly ceased to write and record will he increasingly become a target for humourists and satirists and little else?

      I was on shuffle this morning wandering into town and "Disappointed" came up. Beautiful. I want to remember him like that rather than as a figure of fun dragging his arse to the Rose and Crown, Tierra Del Fuego every eighteen months.

      Perhaps he should try for one more big payday and retire before he does any more damage to his legacy.
    16. Peterb
      Too bloody right! This site is full of daft threads about whether he'll marry and such shite. It should be about music but there isn't any!
    17. Cornflakes
      Is it that Viz used to be funny, or that I used to be a child? Someone enlighten me please.
    18. Uncleskinny
      Both, probably. I still love it and always have. But then I am immensely puerile.

    19. Playcat2000
      There isnt any music!!?? What the fuck do you call the prolific library of music he created for 30 years?!

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