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    Oct 15, 2012
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    Camden's BB&T Pavilion has a delirious number of seats still available for next Monday's show -- so why should you consider purchasing one or both of mine?

    For ONE: they're fairly pleasant seats -- the scenic Sec 102 Row K Seat 19 and the even plusher Sec 101 Row C Seat 5 -- nearly as close as you can get in a seated position.

    For TWO: I'll sell them to you for lovely low cost -- only $70 each! (versus the current going price of $99.50 -- which is a hefty knock lower than the original sale price of $140, ahem). And of course, buying from me involves no tax or handling charges or all the whizbang extras.

    For THREE: I have physical tickets and can meet you anywhere in central Philadelphia.

    For FOUR: You're welcome to pay me in crispy cash or Venmo or Paypal or the sci-fi wifi payment method you love most.

    For FIVE: What if I'm some famous author or painter? Then you might say you purchased Morrissey tickets off some famous artist. What a story for the ages!

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