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This is it, I'm done restructuring "Passions Just Like Mine". Most of it happened backstage and you won't see the difference, but gone are the frames so the site should look better on smartphones and other hand held computers (as much as a webpage can look good on a tiny device). Some of you have noticed that in the process I have doubled or tripled the number of scans in the discography pages.

But this also means that the site now has the foundations to receive a bunch of new files on collecting the Smiths and Morrissey. Over the next few months I will be adding information that I have been accumulating for 15 years (or 25 years if you start counting when I started collecting). I will put up one discographical entry every week, or two on a good week, chronologically from "Hand In Glove" to "The Sound Of The Smiths", then "Suedehead" to "Bona Drag"-redux. They can be accessed by clicking on 'official releases', then 'complete discography', then choosing either 'morrissey' or 'the smiths', then the release title. On the bottom left corner of every release for which a collector's page is done, you will find a link to the 'collector's appendix'.

Every time one entry goes up, I will start a new thread about it here in Collector's Corner. Other collectors like you are welcome (actually you are expected!) to have a look at the entry and contribute any missing information by adding to the thread, or by sending me a private email to [email protected] . I will particularly need info about the extremely rare stuff such as acetates, in-house tapes and cds, pressing plates, etc, mostly the one-of-a-kind stuff that I have never managed to lay my hands on over my years of collecting. Sometimes I may also ask for additional scans or flat photos.

This will be a lot of work for me, but I should manage now that Morrissey isn't releasing anything or touring. If there is not enough interest in the new pages however, I will stop putting them up, so please be part of the project! All info is appreciated, however small it may be. "Passions Just Like Mine" has become what it is thanks to thousands of bits on information put together from thousands of sources.



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sounds great. thnx for the hard work.


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Thank you so much for the hard work.
I will contribute as much information that I can.

Thanks again
Wow. Stephane, let me add my kudos for your work on this project. Judging by the first entries, I'm already very impressed by the comprehensiveness of your descriptions. Really looking forward to reading more as they are posted!


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Just visited collectors corner for Hand inGlove and Reel Around, this is going to be amazing i've never seen anything like it for any band absolutely fabulous well done. :thumb:


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We are all eternally grateful for your efforts Stephane. The new layout works really well on my Blackberry, makes record shopping that bit more easy :)

I'm not sure how much the majority of us will be able to contribute; as you say, most stuff has passed through your hands at some stage, I'd hate to see you putting up post after post asking for additional info and getting nothing in return from the completist community.

I wonder what tie in could be made with Links to better quality images; for example, all of the Hand in Glove sleeves are there with the different addresses and gratitudes....

Keep up the good work.



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You are an absolute legend, Stephane. Passions is truly indispensable, and these appendices will make it even more so.

I'm not sure I know ANYTHING about collecting Moz/Smiths that you don't already know - but I am eternally grateful for your knowledge.



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No other artist that has the privilege to have such a comprehensive archive put together so nicely.

When it comes to music, Passions is by far the best website I've ever seen. And we're all very lucky that the best website in the entire internets is about the Smiths.

Stephane, if you need anything from me, baby you know how to find me.

Oh, and I'm proud to see my little baby, my pretty Reel Around The Fountain 7" there. I'll recognize that label anywhere :)

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When it comes to music, Passions is by far the best website I've ever seen. And we're all very lucky that the best website in the entire internets is about the Smiths.

I remember the first time I've found out Passions and it was an impressive moment because this was the my initial contact with the real & truly Morrisseymania.


Thanks Stephane, your efforts are hugely appreciated by us fellow collectors even though we may not be able to add much to your comprehensive knowledge. I"ll certainly try though! :thumb:


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So I think I am done with the Smiths portion of the collectors appendix, unless someone has some special request for an area of collecting I haven't covered. I have some catching up to do in other areas of PJLM I've neglected lately, and I want to start preparing the 2011 live history section. I should be ready to tackle the Morrissey collectors appendix in a few weeks, early/mid July.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, the page would not be the same without your input.

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