Collecting "Hatful Of Hollow"

Stephane, ruined my image of you tapping away, day and night, for the past few weeks. Lengthening beard and wrinkly clothes. Wiping your brow saying "Gotta do 10 more entries tonight. They're waiting for 'Hatful of Hollow!'"
I own two different HOH 1987 UK edition (revised artwork) :

- On the first one, there is no inner sleeve with lyrics. Just a white sleeve with patent number (left bottom corner) and a date from 87 (right bottom corner) on one side. But the most important is the lack of “made in England” and Cocteau referee (last line) of the back bottom credits compared to the other edition. The vinyl labels are identical.

- The second edition must be the most common. There is an inner sleeve with lyrics and the credits on the back bottom sleeve are complete.

I would add a comment regarding the german 1987 edition (revised artwork) :

- There is a big RTD26 at the top right corner (back sleeve)
- There is a lack of a barcode then there is a barcode on both 1987 UK editions.
- In the credits (bottom back sleeve) there is no stars but just dots instead.
- On the other hand there are actually stars between each title tracks of the lp (like in the UK editions).

I will post scans of the sleeves to prove my informations (I'm not at home). Hope it would interest you.

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1984 edition - misprint
The lyrics on the inner sleeve are given in a different order to the album's running order. This alternative song sequence was actually at some point considered before some adjustments were done (see UK in-house cassette described below). It appears that the inner sleeve's original design was sent to the printers before the changes were done. A more recognisable error for the collectors in record shops who can't remember the album's running order, is the absence of the black dot between "Accept Yourself" and "Girl Afraid" in the track listing at the back of the sleeve. However it must be said that some copies do have the dot at the back but the inner sleeve is still the misprinted one. A round blue sticker on the front of the sleeve announces that the album includes 1983 radio sessions and should not be retailed at more than £3.99.
ROUGH 76 A1 / ROUGH 76 B3 (back ok, inner sleeve misp.)
ROUGH 76 A2 / ROUGH 76 B1
How rare is the LP with the dot on the back, but misprinted inner sleeve, compared with the one without the dot on the back and misprinted inner sleeve?

Should all of these LPs have the 3.99 sticker?

Here is the picture of the HOH back sleeve (1986 edition) which mentions the Cocteau Model and Made in England.

And here is the edition which doesn't mention those informations :

I noticed that it was written 1986 and not 1987 on the both sleeves.

Another detail. The blue tint of the text (front and back sleeve) is slightly darker on the "Made in England" edition.
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Regarding the german pressing here are the pictures. It was released in 1988

Sorry for the bad quality :(

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The Outsider: thanks for the photos.

Morning Star: no, not all copies have the sticker. In some cases the buyer removed it, and I suspect that some copies may never have had one in the first place. However I expect that first pressings all add one, but I could be wrong.



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Stephane, I have the Philippines CS [DVNA Products MC-ROUGH-76]
It has the blue album cover cropped with yellow around the rest with black text. The cassette opens like a book and promotes "Meat Is Murder"
If you need a scan let me know.
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