Collecting "Boxers"


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I have copies of the Our Price 'New Releases' CDs
UK various artists Our Price sampler [Parlophone CDWK 51]
The release of this single and the compilation album "The World Of Morrissey" was also also promoted with the inclusion of "Boxers" on a sampler cd meant to be played in shops of the Our Price chain. The disc is white with black text and logos. The Our Price logo is at the top, "New Releases" at the bottom, Compact Disc logo on the left above Disctronics logo and slogan, and promo warning on the right. Information on the rest of the packaging is needed.​

They contain one track, lasting over an hour, which is meant to sound like a radio broadcast: "Hello, I'm Mark Goddier, here are this week's new releases...." "you will find that track in the singles section, along with this, from Morrissey...." "...he was voted songwriter of the year by Q magazine in 1994 and that's his brand new single..." "...this is new from Green day..."

I have one from 16th Jan 1995 (promoting the single, featuring just the single Boxers) and from 30th Jan 1995 (promoting the album "The World of Morrissey") "... and now we present exclusive tracks from his new album..." followed by Boxers, You're The One For Me Fatty, Certain People I Know, The Last of The Famous International Playboys, Have a Go Merchant and My Love Life




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