Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie and composer Harold Budd - Two new collaboration albums

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Darla Records is to release a pair of companion piece CDs by the Cocteau Twin member Robin Guthrie and American ambient/avant-garde composer Harold Budd. "After The Night Falls" and "Before The Day Breaks" are according to the press release not ambient although both are instrumental. The pair of albums complement one another as each track has its twin on the companion piece. Robin's trademark guitar sound and Harold's signature piano sound first came together when Harold collaborated with Cocteau Twins on "The Moon and the Melodies" LP (4AD), in 1986. Apparently it was Budd's long-time collaborator Brian Eno who brought Harold and Robin together. Apart from working with Eno, Budd also collaborated with John Foxx, Japan's David Sylvian, Public Image bassist Jah Wobble, Be-Bop Deluxe guitarist Bill Nelson, XTC's Andy Partridge, and of course Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie with whom he also worked on his 1988 album "The White Arcades". The tracklist for both albums are as follows:
  1. "After The Night Falls"
  2. How Distant Your Heart
  3. Avenue of Shapes
  4. Seven Thousand Sunny Years
  5. She is My Strength
  6. Inside, a Golden Echo
  7. Open Book
  8. And Then I Turned Away
  9. The Girl with the Colorful Thoughts
  10. Turn Off the Sun
  1. "Before The Day Breaks"
  2. How Close Your Soul
  3. A Formless Path
  4. A Minute, a Day, No More
  5. She is My Weakness
  6. Outside, Silence
  7. Hidden Message
  8. I Returned Her Glance
  9. My Monochrome Vision
  10. Turn on the Moon


Re: Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie and composer Harold Budd - Two new collaboration alb

Thank you very much for posting this.
I met Harold once and very look forward to listening these. :)
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