Cocaine blues - Johnny Cash + let me kiss you cover


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Re: Cocaine blues - johnny cash cover + Let me kiss you Morrissey cover

really liked this - don't usually like youtubeish covers - but the johnny cash one is excellent - great song too.



This one is really good. Nice work.
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I like both of those a lot.

I never noticed until now how those lyrics resemble William Burroughs (aka William lee). I guess it's a coincidence as google doesn't find anyone saying that's what the song was about... And I'm not sure cash would have known burroughs' work.

E.g. "they overtook me down in Juarez Mexico...
"He said Willy Lee your name is not Jack Brown
"You're the dirty hack that shot your woman down."


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Ah, and it appears to have been written just a few years before "Bill Lee" offed his wife with the old Willy Tell routine. Another case of life imitating artists.

(Must have been a sign or symbol or archetype. :rolleyes: )
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nobody said he did
It's all good, they were probably responding to me, I assumed cash wrote it. It's so very cash-esque.


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thank you. i do, thats all i ever used to do actually its only recently i've started playing covers, just don't seem to ever be able to conjour up the creativity needed to write songs that id be happy with these days!

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neo,i'm sure i heard more of your stuff but can't remember where?(think i need a compilation of your covers)
Any links.
keep up the great work !
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