Clip of the smiths - at their best


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Probably one of the best clips of The Smiths

Morrissey looks Gorgeous in a shirt & tie

and the rolling Rs on the song are a joy to listen to

The extra guitar of Craig Gannon is a blessing and Johnny's guitar is beautifully played


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You are so right on every count Girl23

It was a joy to watch, and thank you again :)

No problem...happy to share the wealth :)

I keep playing it, its such an amazing performance, I wish I had been there!

Morrissey looks very sexy may I add...:horny:
Thank you for posting this gem! Fabulous!!! He looks absolutely gorgeous!!:)


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This was the thing that get me into The Smiths. That very clip. Remember exactly where I was when I saw it. Sitting in the kitchen watching Whistle Test on a portable TV!!! Went out and bought TQID as soon as I could get hold of it. It is hard to put into words how subversive the physical purchasing of that album made you feel.The Smiths were the punks of their day. With more manners and better tunes but they were still viewed with extreme suspicion. Look at how things have changed at The Salford Lads Club. When the album first came out the committee of the club threatened legal action for bringing their name into ill-repute.Now they have a permanent Smiths exhibition and sell tee-shirts and the like. The past is another country...


Thank you, very nice. Though the sound mix is not quite right. Johnny's guitar playing is set too low, even the bass is louder than his guitar. :guitar::)
bigmouth craig gannon
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