"Classically Smiths" shows no longer going forward - Mike Joyce, Craig Gannon statements on FB

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By unloveable on Jan 23, 2018 at 2:17 PM
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    UPDATE 11:05 AM PT:

    Classically Smiths gigs cancelled as Mike Joyce pulls out hours after Andy Rourke denies involvement - Manchester Evening News
    Just a day after the Classically Smiths concerts were confirmed, Andy Rourke claimed he was never involved and now drummer Mike Joyce has pulled out


    Indeed the plot thickens

    Posted by mcrickson shortly after:

    Gannon's out, too. Blames Andy.

    Statement regarding 'Classically Smiths'.

    It's with regret that the Classically Smiths shows will no longer be going ahead.

    Five months ago myself, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke all agreed to be a part of this project as the core three which was why it all went ahead. Unfortunately Andy pulled out at the very last minute. This meant that all the press releases, branding and marketing etc. had already gone out so it was too late to change anything. It also meant that we were under obligation yesterday to go ahead with the press launch which Mike and myself did but were told we couldn't mention anything about the situation with Andy. That's unfortunate as the last thing we wanted was to mislead anyone.

    This is disappointing as we were all really excited about putting on these shows. I for one have been working solidly on this project for the last five months and it's a shame that it's fallen apart in this way.

    Many thanks.


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    1. g23
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    2. mcrickson
      No talking, just Smith.
    3. Eustace Walks
      Eustace Walks
      Craig Gannon solo shows yaaaaaas :lbf:
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    4. Anonymous
      Dudes, i told you mike was full of shit. moz is probably breaking open a bottle of vodka.
      what a loser LOL, i put out that andy was going to do it but decided not to tell anyone that he wasnt going to do until the press conference... before the press conference it was cool to lie. LOOOOL

      if mike is around hide all the food you have on site. :angry:
      hes a total schnozzer.
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    5. Anonymous
      Dont think it will be too long before Craig walks away from this shambles either!
    6. mcrickson
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    7. mcrickson
      He has.
    8. Anonymous
      Surface , CC and US will all be in attendance. Go and ask for an autograph. LOL
      Old Dude Gay Jesus wont be able to attend since he will be watching gay Irish bufu movies.:straightface: that doesnt mean hes gay not at all he watches specifically for the 'scenery'.:laughing:
    9. Peppermint
      I think the way that's written tells you quite a lot. It's very straightforward, simple words, very direct, no room for misunderstandings. Sad to say, sounds like Andy's been telling porkies. So maybe he was got at?
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    10. joe frady
      joe frady
      Or got...a better offer? #MarrísseyTour2019 ;)

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    11. Peppermint
      There is that. But Andy and Mike have been friends for a long time. I do find it odd that he would sacrifice that friendship over this. It must have been something fairly big - either a major bust-up or an offer he couldn't refuse.
    12. joe frady
      joe frady
      His statement regarding Dolores seemed pretty heartfelt, and death can mash you up (as the good book says), so maybe he just felt it was too soon, or the 'optics' were off.

      Whatever, it is a car crash, and one more muddy footnote in The Smiths 'legacy'.

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    13. Anonymous
      i laughed out loud when Andy mentioned his "team". broke but with 'a team', lol. he probably calls promoters with a fake voice pretending to be his own manager. lots of down and out mfrs do that type of thing. as predicted a fiasco.:laughing:
      time to take the inflammatory vitamins lol
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    14. g23
      Must be willing to play bass, wear speedos, slogan shirts, silly clown makeup, with a possibility of drag. Must not eat meat, may eat cheese, but only in privacy of tour bus. Must not look talent directly in eyes.
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    15. javert
      Hope this news cheers Moz up
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    16. Anonymous
      Makes all three of them look ridiculous.

      The concept of the gigs was quite good imo but what an absolute mess....!

      Not sure the three of them will be on speaking terms after this!!!

      Andy is surely holding out for a Moz / Marr reunion but tbh I think we can all dream on!
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    17. Anonymous
      don't any of these people believe in written binding contracts, before going ahead with projects and announcements? do they just wing it? where did it get these 3 doing that in the smiths?
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    18. Anonymous
      It's a fucking omnishambles!
    19. ninetimesfined
      I have a strange feeling we’ll see a statement from the Morrissey camp soon saying that he had no involvement in the shows being canned. This is the sort of left field behaviour we have come to expect!
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