Chris Packham lists QID as 1 of fave albums

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    May 1, 2006
    Chris Packham who did that great slotting of song titles into his presentation of Spring Watch on British tv has been asked on Quietus about his favourite albums and unsurprisingly listed Queen Is Dead. This is what he said:

    The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
    What I liked about The Smiths instantly was their Englishness. I don't mean that in a racist way, I mean in a poetic sense. The lyrics were could only have been written in England at that time. I remember when I first heard them (my sister was a big fan of the Smiths) I remember thinking 'oh this is a bit pretentious', but I soon bought into the poetry of it, and I liked the playful nature of the lyrics. They lacked some of the open vitriol of the punk movement, but they were very, very clever. Johnny Marr's guitar was the perfect foil to Morrissey's lyrics. It's very difficult to have a favourite album, but that time, The Queen Is Dead, was a very rich time for them. You can't argue that some of them were great pop songs as well as being of their time. If I had to pick a favourite Smiths song of all it wouldn't be off that, it'd be 'Reel Around The Fountain'. I just love that, that line "you pin and mount me like a butterfly... I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice." Just brilliant. The man was, and probably still is, a genius. 85, 86, that's when Psychocandy and The Queen Is Dead came out, and that was when I started working on The Really Wild Show. I'd been hitching from rare birds to Clash concerts for years. I didn't know many people who crossed the genres, so it was just me birding and then going to see punk bands. I used to spend a lot of time hitching around at that time, to go to gigs and also to go and see rare birds.

    Kewpie adds the link to the original article:

    Natural Rhythm: Chris Packham's Favourite Albums - The Quietus
    Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham talks Luke Turner through his favourite albums... includes punk rock riot, hitchhiking, and singing poodles
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    1. Kewpie

      Thanks. Springwatch was a piece of genius

      EDIT: Chris Packham posted twice on this site at the time, HERE and HERE

      (He never answered the Fantastic Bird question)
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    3. Vicarinacoma
      Stunningly insightful! Never heard that before...ever!:rolleyes:
    4. Sands
      Idiot. Find something else to say or do, then go away.
    5. Vicarinacoma
    6. Anonymous
      Chris Packham's favourite Moz songs 1) All the lazy kites
      2) Billy Buddgie
      3) Seagull, yet still docked
    7. Anonymous
      Half A Penguin
      Sparrow will come to you in the end
      Back to the Old Housemartin
      First of the gulls to die
      A Thrush and a push and the land is ours
      It's hard to hawk tall when you're small
      There is a lapwing that never goes out
      Some gulls are bigger than others
    8. Anonymous
      Many bands' records are of place and time: Pet Shop Boys' classic period also reflects England well in the 1980s, but, ironically, especially the South-East; REM could only be from America, etc. It's not surprising or unique...
    9. gordyboy
      chris is a good lad,i like the way he disagrees,something quite morrissey about him.if kate or machaela says that animals beautiful chris jumps in and says no its not its ugly.always speaks his mind.and referencing the smiths a few years ago was worth a springwatch.
    10. Tingle3
      Chris Packham's favourite Moz songs
      1) All the lazy kites
      2) Billy Buddgie
      3) Seagull, yet still docked

      Then there's the hard-to-find "Kite",
      Glamorous Gull,
      You're the one for me budgie,
      The World is Full of Crashing Pigeons
    11. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      1.there is a kite that never goes out
      2.rusholme puffians
      3.this chirping man : ))))
    12. johnnymunro
      I Know It's Plover
    13. Anonymous
      Ostrich Wildly
      Tweet and Tender Hooligan
    14. Anonymous
      Gullfriend in a coma (Get in)
    15. Anonymous
      Heir a Pheasant
    16. Anonymous
      I,m throwing my arms around parrots
    17. Anonymous
      The youngest was the most Doved
    18. Anonymous
      Late kite maudlin street
    19. Anonymous
      Work is a four letter bird

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