Choose one track from each Moz solo album...


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...then one more track, which can be a B-side, non-album single, or second track from one of the albums. Sequence them in the order you would like them to be played, and see what you can come up with.

Here's mine:

1. Tomorrow (from Your Arsenal)
2. The Boy Racer (from Southpaw Grammar)
3. Alma Matters (from Maladjusted)
4. Picadilly Palare (non-album single, also on Bona Drag)
5. Sing Your Life (from Kill Uncle)
6. Late Night, Maudlin Street (from Viva Hate)
7. Dear God, Please Help Me (from ROTT)
8. Come Back to Camden (from YATQ)
9. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (from YOR)
10. Now My Heart Is Full (from Vauxhall and I)


Accept Myself
Friday Mourning (B-side)
I don't mind if you forget me (Viva)
I'm not sorry (Quarry)
The father who must be killed (Tormentors)
Driving your girlfriend home (Uncle)
The more you ignore me, the closer I get (Vauxhall)
I'm Ok by myself (Refusal)
We'll let you know (Arsenal)
Southpaw (Grammar)

sad veiled bride

can you please stop time?
Sing your life
Trouble loves me
Life is a pigsty
Reader meet author
I'm throwing my arms around Paris
Why don't you find out for yourself
I have forgiven Jesus
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