Choose one Smiths and one Morrissey song for Desert Island Discs


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Yes, just wanted to see what peoples faves were on here.

Smiths for me would be Rubber Ring

Morrissey would be Certain People I know

And you can only pick one each


A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours

I'm Not Sorry


Reckless Endangerment
Smiths: "I Know it's Over"

Morrissey: "Dear God Please Help Me" (preferably the fan remix with additional strings)


The Smiths: How Soon Is Now?

Morrissey: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Morrissey: Shakespeare's Sister

Well . . . . they are all Morrissey's anyway . . . am MacBethian.


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Hmm, this is tough!
for smiths I’m going to go with cemetry gates but rush and a push and there is a light are very close seconds
for Morrissey, if you don't like me, don't look at me just because i've been listening to it a lot lately, i forgot how good it was!


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Morrissey: Now My Heart is Full (this was surprisingly easy)
The Smiths: The Boy with a Thorn in his Side (it was a toss up between this and I Know It's Over)
For Morrissey - would have to be 'The Loop'
For The Smiths - 'Reel Around The Fountain'

That's a bit of a tough question - given a margin of error or room to squiggle, i'd add, Barbarism Begins At Home, and Ganglord, and I Know It's Over, and Let The Right One Slip In, and Suffer Little Children, and let's not forget how great singing 'Margaret On The Guillotine' made us feel at the time!! There's too many to pick from to be able to say any two songs are top of my list with any lingering authority - it still changes daily which is why after so many years he still has mass appeal!!!

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I've been "squeezing my skull" recently to try to come up with my favourite Smiths and Morrissey songs and , at last , succeeded in compiling my top 20 for each act.

My list shows " I know it's over " as the best Smiths song ( Stiil ill (2) , There is a light (3) , Boy with thorn (4) , Heaven knows (5) , etc...)

My list also shows " Suedehead " as the best Morrissey song ( NF Disco (2) , Tomorrow (3) , Speedway (4) , Everyday is like Sunday (5) , etc...)

For anyone interested in my entire Top 20 I can certainly e-mail it to them at a nominal fee :) , all you have to do is ASK


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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and Life Is A Pigsty (although on another day that might have been Speedway).

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