Chicago, IL - Riot Fest (Sep. 17, 2016) post-show

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By davidt on Sep 18, 2016 at 4:00 AM
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    Suedehead / Alma Matters / You Have Killed Me / Ganglord / Speedway / Kiss Me A Lot / Irish Blood, English Heart / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / All You Need Is Me / Jack The Ripper / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / The Bullfighter Dies / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / What She Said

    setlist provided by redod.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Sep 18, 2016.

    1. Anonymous

      apparently, setlist was the same from the past shows
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    2. Anonymous
    3. sylviecerise
      Setlist was a little different from his last US shows. No Meat is Murder. Songs off the top of my head that he didn't play last tour were Ouija Board, All You Need Is Me, and You're the One for Me Fatty.

      Regular festival goers were very angry that he played the usual pre-concert clips for 30 minutes before going on stage. Got to yell down someone who was trying to start a "Bullshit" chant. Several people left before he came on stage so got a much better view which was nice.

      His voice was definitely in top form and he seemed in a pretty good mood. Ended by shrieking, "I love you!"

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    4. Anonymous
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    5. redod

      Alma Matters
      You have killed me
      Kiss me a lot
      Irish blood, English heart
      World peace...
      I'm throwing my arms around Paris
      All you need is me
      Jack the Ripper
      Ouija board
      The bullfighter dies
      Crashing bores
      You're the one for me fatty
      What she said
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    6. docinwestchester
      "Chicago (That Toddlin' Town)" intro:

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    7. evennow
      Best set list I have seen in quite some time. I now will kick myself squarely in the buttocks if he plays something similar in Philly. Only three World Peace songs and no MIM...finally! You would think the 30 minute video filler is unnecessary at this type of concert. Imperfect List or something to build up the energy would get a more random crowd into it.
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    8. beardedsteven
      Yeah the crowd did NOT like the full half hour of videos. The schedule said he was to play at 8:15 and he didn't come on until 8:45. People thought he was "late" and they were not happy. I saw a lot of people leave too. And a lot of booing. That really should not be part of a festival setlist. I can't say I'm angry, but I thought it was nice he was given such a long time slot. I was looking forward to a longer show and not a shortened festival set. Oh well.

      It seems like kind of a bonus that he cut out Meat Is Murder for once tho! When was the last time he didn't play it? I thought he always played it.

      He really did seem to be in a good mood once he came on and he sounded excellent. I think the setlist was decent. 17 songs is not bad for a festival setlist, but that whole 30 minute video thing... I personally wanted to hear more World Peace songs as I'm still in love with it but I have louisville on Tuesday so I can't complain much. :) I was pretty close for most of it, (I've a bunch of bad photos on my twitter to prove it!) and I'm glad I made the trip and got to see him again.
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    9. qwerty123
      Pretty boring setlist, could do better

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    10. Anonymous
      Looks like he didn't want to cause a riot, therefore, omitting MiM. Our man is getting soft and obedient.
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    11. Anonymous
      Yeah I'm still a big fan of world peace myself. Time out suggested he was perhaps checking vendors to see if they went meat free but who knows
    12. Pokey
      I'm torn because on one hand we rarely get Moz in Aus, so I can't really complain when he tours here, let alone suddenly 3 times in 4 years. You take what you can get.

      On the other hand, man, this setlist is stagnant. If it keeps it relatively the same this time next month then it's almost a setlist which compiles the last 2 Aus tours together. And not even the best parts of both tour's set lists.

      The songs he really loves to see in the setlists now seem to go hand in hand with pretty much every interview he has - needs to be a "statement" of some kind. I think he seems to just really enjoy performing statements at gigs now - police brutality, the monarchy, animal cruelty, terrorism, politics, school etc.
      you can argue that he has always released songs throughout his career in that vein, which is true, but never more than the past few years hasn't he seemed to want to cram them all together at the expense of so many other gems. It's no surprise the setlist isn't changing as he seems to fancy himself as a different kind of artist than he has through other stages of his career now.

      As I say, it's a conflict because I have no doubt I'll still really enjoy the gig next month. Voice is in cracking form, there are still good songs in there. Really hope Jack the Ripper is there as that's an all time fav and haven't seen it since 2002 in a gig personally. But yeah, would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed there wasn't a bigger set shake up before the start of the last leg of the tour or before this one started.
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    13. Anonymous
      If he's close to releasing new work I understand but I'm still a little bummed to see no new material in the set list
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    14. Anonymous
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    15. redod
      I know exactly what you mean. I'm from NZ and was planning to go to Melbourne to see him in October but not so sure now. This show was good, but very similar setlist to the last two times he played in NZ. With that said, he was in AMAZING form - voice was flawless and he was very enthused. Also Matt Walker is an amazing drummer and Mando is fun to watch. I'll probably still pop over, but definitely thinking twice about it now.

      Oh and I assume this may be of interest to you (assuming by your avatar) - caught Ween last night. GREAT gig, quite mellow but they were having fun. Deftones and Misfits tomorrow!
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    16. g23
      Yeah, cool, no Meat is Murder- but I'll ask the pressing question.

      How were the Misfits?
    17. redod
      Misfits are headlining tomorrow night. It's gonna be amazing.
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    18. Pokey
      Yeah Ween and Morrissey at the same festival is a bit of a dream! Now Ween is a band Morrissey could take some setlist lessons from ~30 songs every night that are constantly changing. Remember seeing them on back to back nights in 2008, they played for over 3hrs each night and only one song featured on both setlists - value!

      I mean I've got tickets to see him next month, I'm not going to complain that he's coming out again after we were ignored for so long. But, y'know...just a setlist whinge
    19. g23
      I wish I could go for that. This Moz set, I feel like I've seen with minor variation over the last few years.

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