Chequebooks out

Seller claims it’s the most collectible item. What would you say is the holy grail of smiths collectors?
Well Neal....WAY back when, that multi-colored disc of "The Smiths" lp was thee item to have..... $500.00 give or take, if memory serves correctly. Ofcorse rare test-pressings went fast and a genuine signed copy of the original Vauxhall was really to die for...$300.00 +++...that was a dozen years ago, or more.
I went to a record auction in 2014 or so to specifically bid on a Rank blank. I had to drop out at $650. But I did get a MIM Mayking 7" test press and a HSIN 7" beige mis pressed test pressing with Oscillate Wildly on the b side and Jan 18th 1985 and matrix number hand written.
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