Chat Room Set-Up Help/Advice, Please?

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I'd like to be able to embed a permanent chat room on a blog page for "More Than Moz", a Livejournal community I co-maintain. I'd prefer it if members could use their existing AIM/Yahoo/Skype/LJ Talk identities.

I tried to do something similar a year or so back on another community but I couldn't get my head round it. :( I'm not terribly internet-savvy, as you might realise. Any advice/recommendations, please?

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EDIT: Well, judging by the resounding silence, it seems like you lot are just as clueless as me. :rolleyes:

I've managed to set up a meebo chatroom on More Than Moz. If you're a member, go here to say hello and help test it out;

If you're not a member, then that your own fault, so pfffffft! :p
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I can't connect to the Meebo thing, will try again later.


from the Ice Age to the dole age

The Cat's Mother

well I did not sign in to anything, I just went to the page entered my name and away I went. I think it is simpler than you might think. You can register and sign in but I have not bothered as yet.

Ah. I assumed it worked because I was signed in on AIM. This is more flexible though. :)


Amy, have you managed to work out how to post?

Karin told me that just write in a box and press return key.
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