Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard comp


Morrissey - Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard compilation

Source: FM/TV/Soundboard/Ear monitor
Quality: A+/A/A-


Wolverhampton, Civic hall 1988-12-22

01. Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
02. Suedehead

London, Hammersmith odeon 1991-10-04

03. The Last of the famous international playboys
04. Everyday is like sunday
05. Sing your life
06. King leer

Boulder 1992-10-01

07. Seasick, yet still docked
08. Tomorrow

London, Astoria 1992-12-20

09. You're gonna need someone on your side
10. I know it's gonna happen someday
11. We Hate it when our friends become successfull

London, Wembley arena 1995-11-17

12. Do your best and don't worry
13. Dagenham Dave
14. Hold on to your friends
15. Teachers are afraid of the pupils

Later with jools holland 1995-11-11

16. Sunny

Dave Letterman show 1997-08-xx

17. Alma matters

TFI Friday 1997-12-17

18. Satan rejected my soul

Los angeles, Greek 1997-10-12

19. Billy Budd
20. The More you ignore me...
21. Now my heart is full

Kissimmee, Tupperware center theater 1997-11-14

22. London

Santiago, Estadio victor jara 2000-03-28

23. The Boy racer
24. I Am hated for loving
25. Speedway
26. Break up the family
27. Shoplifters
28. Last night i dreamt...

Janice Long session 2002-10-02

29. Irish blood, english heart
30. I like you

Summersonic festival, Tokyo 2002-08-18

31. First of the gang to die
32. There is a light that never goes out



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Wiltteri, thank you kindly for time and generosity, as always. It's very much appreciated and I am excited to hear this! I'm unzipping as I type. (Well, yes, I am very excited to listen to this, but I should clarify that I'm uzipping the file about which I am excited to hear. :))

Cheers! And thank you again, my friend.


Wiltteri, thank you for the links, but the Flacs are not really Flacs, this is something i notice a lot this days:

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