Charity auction - signed drawing of Johnny Marr, by Johnny Marr


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Every year Class 6 at St Saviour Primary School, Bolton organise a charity auction to support a different charity - the children write off to various celebrities and we hold an online auction (in addition to fundraising activities in school). This year we have chosen to support the Love Hope Strength charity (Registered Charity 1117505) set up by Mike Peters of The Alarm which promotes innovative, music related, outreach and awareness programmes for leukaemia and cancer sufferers, survivors and their families. The charity also raises awareness and recruits potential donors to the organ and bone marrow registers – get on the list. We have picked this charity because we have 2 members of staff off long term sick with breast cancer and a member of the class has suffered with leukaemia. Here is a link to the website of the charity if you want to discover more:

The wonderful Mark Radcliffe has very kindly donated this super piece of artwork that Johnny Marr did when he appeared on his radio show. This piece of artwork really is a one off and is signed by both Mark and the legend that is Johnny Marr. The auction includes a copy of the note from Mark confirming that this is for our auction.


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well done mark and johnny,every little bit helps and well done st saviours for your charity work.


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A wonderfull charity the children have chosen 2 suport this time, that helps unwell little ones get better and gives them hope ect !! :)
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