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I'm slimming down my Morrissey collection and have put a few items on eBay.

Being both a Moz and Marc Bolan fan, I had to get the Certain People promo single when I saw it at a record fair back in 1992. The record has only been played once, a few days ago just to check it. A full description and more photos are on the eBay listing:


I have also put a mint condition copy of the Meltdown programme and some high quality photos on eBay.

Apologies in advance, but the items are only available to UK buyers. I had a bad experience with an overseas buyer a couple of years ago so I am very wary of sending rare/expensive items out of the country. The eBay problem related to a rare Blondie poster that I sold to someone in the USA. The full story can be seen at www.therealcostofebay.co.uk If you buy or sell expensive items then it is interesting to see how the system can be abused by unscrupulous eBayers.

Sad to see these items go, but needs must in the current climate.


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