Celebrities you've met - but with you hadn't?

Here is one of my pictures. I know it looks like I am actually squeezing the life out of Tori, but I assure you it's just a lovely hug (albeit a very emotional one, for me anyway!) ;)

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Awwwww. THat's sweet! I'm glad Tori didn't get marker on your coat. :p
Haha :D No marks. Although now you mention it, how cool a signed denim jacket would be! Lol. Darn it.
I met Martin Rossitter at a Divine Comedy gig in the mid/late 90's. I uttered "I like you more than Dennis Pennis". I was drunk. Some of you may know what this refers to. Also ran into Sonya from Echobelly after a Boxers tour Mozz gig (think it might have been Brixton) I put my arm around her and started talking shite. Again I was vey vey drunk.

Tom Baker was doing a book signing when i was little, he as me if i wanted a Jelly baby :) *as all the kids were asked.
He was also dressed like a flasher on a Summer's night in L.A. - you're not in NYC - blend.

We do love that flasher look here, it's true. :D

I didn't fully appreciate Richard Lewis until Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think he's kind of the same guy on screen and off, and your story fits that persona.
Fiona, good thread. Century City Mall - basically Los Angeles - "met" Richard Lewis at a bookstore. I don't know his stuff, well. I am not a fan. I am not a hater. Someone said "hey you're that guy!" Then he yelled, so that the entire bookstore could hear "no, you're that guy!" and pointed at me. OK so, he thought I said something that I didn't, but even so his reaction was a bit over the top. Since "rude" and "irony" are probably the two most overused words in the English language, I won't say he was rude. Then again, I'm not easily offended, but I was taken aback. The guy who said it literally ran away. I realize he probably just wanted his privacy. He was also dressed like a flasher on a Summer's night in L.A. - you're not in NYC - blend.
I was a little nervous meeting Suzanne Vega after a show and the first thing I could think of asking her was if she had a library card. She said New York Public. How awesome is that?

(I'm a librarian)
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