CD-Rezension : MORRISSEY - Years Of Refusal

there are quite some here I know :)

the review somehow got a little long, so translation would take quite some time .. time I unfortunately don't ahve at the moment ;-)

Have a nice day
Micha :)
we have a lot of album reviews in german in the german weekly thread(where the main language used is german).. so all the single reviews werent posted extra as a solo thread as well as not tranlated cause a review might not be urgent or its mostly the same tone
(some are strange some are really quite nice)

....different to actual interviews( which he gave a quite a lot to the foreign press this time surprisingly,inc germany) and who are more interesting for the the non german speaking members here and are therefore translated and giving a own thread...
alo in the german tour thread i saw some reviews posted

sven posted a link toa video review
a 23 minute review on video where someone talks 23 minute about the album..i cant hear it if its in german or english..prob english judging from the website
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