Car Seat Headrest cover "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"

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By von sulstrus on Apr 12, 2017 at 3:14 AM
  1. von sulstrus

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    Dec 16, 2008
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    1. Anonymous
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    2. F Lee Bailey
      F Lee Bailey
      This kind of music makes it impossible to go to Starbucks. I like the Indian pop music they play at 7-11 a lot better.
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    3. Alex Spragens
      Alex Spragens
      It's a pretty good cover, but I find his voice a bit grating. He should have a drink of water. I feel like I need one as well after listening to that!
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    4. valvano
      I have thought he sounds like Ray Davies
    5. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      i don't hear it. From a different period maybe?

    6. g23
      If this cover were a food, it would be unadorned oatmeal with a couple of random lumps.
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    7. Anonymous
      I don't know anything about this band's music, but their name has to be one of the dumbest of all time.
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    8. Anonymous
      The name comes from him spending his teens and writing/recording his first album in the family cars backseat. Always makes me think of dashboard confessional
    9. BiIlly Altman
      BiIlly Altman
      Pretty sure the name comes from being twee.
    10. rifke
      yep, you're calamine lotion. apparently you forgot you've said something very like this before.
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    11. Calamine Lotion Jr
      Calamine Lotion Jr
      If you need me to be that person to fill some emptiness in your existence how could I refuse?
    12. rifke
      no, i need morrissey to be that person but he hasnt gotten back to me about blazer shopping, yet. waaaaaaaah. hey, what do ya'll think my chances of blazer shopping with werner herzog are? stephen fry? oooh i bet stephen fry would be fun to blazer shop with.
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    13. Anonymous
      oh, the irony
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    14. Anonymous
      Am I the only one who expected "Car seat headrest cover" to be an offbeat bit of merchandising.
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    15. Anonymous
      sick burn lol
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    16. Nick the Greek
      Nick the Greek
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    17. Tiptoes.
      Thanks for sharing. I really like this cover .
    18. you-handsome-devil

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