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Somebody remove her f***ing batteries, reprogram her or chuck her into the river. Something! This has crossed the border over to insanity!
At least the article links Morrissey’s situation with previous disputes. This actually makes him seem like more of a victim than when you interpret the deadlock as part of his own intransigence.

Ultimately, the whole thing is shrouded in mystery and probably breaks new ground in Morrissey’s recording career, which was has never been a smooth affair.
I liked Fiona's article. It was nicely written and presented the facts clearly.

Very well put by Van Hunt, sounds like something Moz would say:

“During that time, the influences at the top of the hierarchy were heavy-handed. Men who have no instinct for the spirit of sound were trying to tell me what parts of my expression were valid.

It was really quite absurd — the kind of thing you would only encounter in a society overrun with delusion. A delusion predicated on the fictional status we give people who have more money than we…and of course, their importance is based on nothingness, but it has very real consequences.”
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So Morrissey is right about Capitol.See how many artists were sabotage by them.We have to wait 10 years for the album.I want to send a missile to them.

"American rapper Ras Kass was due to release his third album, Van Gogh, with Capitol Records in 2001, but Capitol shelved the project — and would not give the artist back his rights to the album, either. Kass then engaged in a public dispute with the label, eventually filing a lawsuit against them. After a long winded battle, the artist settled and Kass was then free to pursue deals with other companies — which is all he ever wanted.
Take for instance Sky Ferreira, who joined Capitol Records.Ferreira had several disputes with the label, according to an interview in 2022, and accused them of sabotage. In that interview, Ferreira said she felt she was “set up to fail” by Capitol, and accused them of negligence for leaving some of her music off streaming platforms and blocking various collaborations that she wanted to take part in at that time.
Another example can be found with American rock band Splashdown, who, after a successful debut found their follow-up album shelved by the label. For reasons that remain unclear, Capitol Records would not release the record but also retained copyright, meaning that the band could not release the album with any other label.
US glam metal band Poison (who formed in 1983 and had a string of top 40 hits through to the 90’s) sued Capitol and EMI for violating its recording contract. "
Hmm to be fair, at least there appears to be some researched content in this one of course next to the usual Fiona-ramblings, maybe we're getting professional now...
This stuff is gold dust for Morrissey’s detractors.

In a sane world, someone would be draughting the cease and desist letter—on Morrissey’s behalf—right now.

But as it stands, lawyers are more likely to be asked to intervene to prevent her from ever stopping this gush.

Somebody remove her f***ing batteries, reprogram her or chuck her into the river. Something! This has crossed the border over to insanity!
dont get yer drawers in a twist,if you are so offeneded by her writing then dont read it,her name appears at the top so just scroll on by,isnt that hard.
This is actually quite an informative and well written article, which I don't say too often about Fiona Dodwell's writing.
Can they stop putting capital records in the title - makes you think we have some good news or bad, not a f***** article
the more people know about this then it might force capitol to make a decision,well done fee keep up the good work.
Good article. Capitol also made the Beastie Boys re-record Paul's Boutique in its entirety because they weren't happy with the production. Then to add insult to injury, did zero promotion for it.
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For the love of God....there's a problem here.

To begin with, we can (just about) see the possible scenario of an establishment label caving-in to a wokish agenda after the fact. By which we mean, the possibility of Capitol ditching BOT based on their fear of some future backlash and choosing to cut their losses.

However, the view that the whole deal was part of some grand scheme to sign the artist / neuter the artist later . . . come off it.

The other problem with all this remains the quality of the product itself and the wider cultural milieu into which it is seemingly destined never to be birthed.

It's not 'Ulysses'. It's certainly not 'Last Exit to Brooklyn' and it's absolutely not 'Never Mind the Bollocks'. And whereas Joyce, Selby and the Pistols could hardly self-publish, Morrissey certainly can. So do it.

He won't, will he?
She doesn't mention us fans who thought Rebels Without Applause had shockingly poorly recorded vocals and wondered if the album was even releasable.
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