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Will Morrissey come to Canada on the next tour? I loved that Morrissey boycotted Canada for our seal hunt practices, but surely Morrissey can understand that there are many, less than apathetic people in Canada, fighting everyday and struggling for a better world. Collective punishment is unfair is it not?

Surely we're not any worse that some of the other places Morrissey has been with a McDonalds around every corner.

I want Morrissey to come to Canada to protest the seal industry, as well as offer a few tour dates. There are people here who love him very much and would like to be with him at least one time in life to say thanks, seriously. We've also been through a hard time with police repression. Even the Queen has also recently sullied us at a tremendous cost to our public. We have so much in common afterall. Canadians really need some healing.

Please come to Canada Morrissey, we need you.
Thanks for reading.
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Good luck with your plea Deryn!

I have always thought that Morrissey could do so much good by holding a massive concert and then filling the backdrop with statements / pictures about stopping the slaughter. It would get great publicity and then everyone would be a winner:thumb:
Police repression? What exactly are you smoking? There were some agitators at the G20 meetings, and probably a few overzealous police officers. But it was far from "repression."
i beg to differ. being in Toronto during that week was awful. the money spent, the attitude of the cops who were sent in from cities and regions far smaller. It was certainly not a nice place to be. They made the city much more uncomfortable than any protesters did (including the black bloc donned cops that instigated shit the main two days of 'protest').

As someone who got stopped and fully searched twice within five minutes and 400 yards time for simply "walking home" one Sunday morning, the g20 was f***ing bullshit.
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