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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Aug 20, 2019.

By davidt on Aug 20, 2019 at 3:17 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    CANA-DEAR. - Morrissey Central
    August 20, 2019

    At Morrissey's forthcoming six concerts in Canada during October, the Save Movement are welcome to organize stalls in each foyer. The cities are Vancouver (2 shows), Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

    Please contact Tom Herraty ([email protected] for information regarding foyer space.

    Following three highly successful shows in Canada in May, Morrissey is greatly excited for October's return.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Aug 20, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Their stalls in April:

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    3. klaus
      great announcement
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    4. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Dates were in April. :D
    5. Anonymous
      Why is he shilling for this in public instead of soliciting the organisation in private? It's almost as if "LOOK AT ME!"
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    6. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Let all the living enjoy the phenomena of life!
      Existence for all!
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    7. The Irish Hare
      The Irish Hare
      The same reason he posted about the Animal rights marches organised bú Surge, it's publicity for them and reaches people who might otherwise not know about it. Over 12000 peoples marched in London on Saturday,2000 more than last year. It's all good.
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    8. Anonymous
      Talk in through your hat again.
      Have a look at the Tour forum. :rolleyes:
    9. Anonymous
      Oh do fuck off, Peter, you loathesome twat. You are embarrassing yourself...again.
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    10. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
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    11. Anonymous
      It is not ‘excited FOR October’s return’, that would mean being excited on October return’s behalf and October’s return doesn’t have feelings one way or another.

      ‘Excited ABOUT returning in October’ would make sense.

      Not all of us are American idiots.
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    12. Mayfly
      Interesting. I thought he had Peta at the April shows. But I am glad that he gives the floor to other animal rights charities. I followed Peta for a while, but gave up on them.
    13. Anonymous
      They do try and make everything sound as nice as possible leading to mistakes like the one you pointed out. Everything is soft around the edges and sounds inviting.

      I miss real english brutal honesty and insults as a sign you are being liked. "Oh Urbs you fooking wanker you back in Manchester again?".

      And dark dirty pubs where some old man died in the corner and was left there. "He'll be alright come tomorrow". Old english ladies making pub food that was real food and lots of it. Ending their day with a G&T and the latest gossip absolutely marinated inside and out in gin since the old King died.

      Suppose I am a bit nostalgic after all.
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    14. Anonymous
      Best of luck with the “poor animals” and Vegan bullshit in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Ever heard of the Calgary Stampede or cattle-ranching - as a way of life? Ever talk to a farmer? They’ll talk to you!

      Melvis would be better off reaching out to the anti-immigration and “Free Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” lot in those parts.

      Vancouver? He might get away with the “eat grass, twigs and Kerrygold in a cashmere sweater ” nonsense weren't for the “Chinese are a sub-species” bit.

      One thing is certain... A try-hard bitch is a try-hard bitch, in ANY town. ...and the try-hard bitch we’re talking about is well beyond his pay-grade.
    15. Anonymous
      Animal rights charities in the farming belt. LOL!
    16. Anonymous
      Yeah. He gives the floor to animal rights charities but has NOTHING for the human animal.

      The old, grey mare needs some serious protein and vitamin supplementation, if he wants to spout nonsense like this.
    17. marred
    18. countthree
    19. Anonymous
      looks like mr crappy pants is back. did someone give you a bottle of geritol again? time to change your diapers.

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