Morrissey Central "CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TIME ?" (October 20, 2021)



1970s Morrissey with Elizabeth (Mother), Dorothy (aunt), and Bridget Dwyer (grandmother).


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All gone the risk of sounding intentionally or even accidentally flippant..... Bullseye 🎯 is repeated on the Challenge channel on SKY/freeview in UK. It's on at 11pm tonight. The prizes were pitiful but the charming and gentle host Jim Bowen always makes you smile.
I didn't realise it was still shown. Thank you. my planner is now set. 👍 "Now lets have a look at what you could have won...."

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82/3 i reckon.
Yes, Crimbo 1982 would be my best bet. He did not have this hair even in 1979, nor in 1980-81, I don’t think. And the auntie screams eighties.

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This is lovely - Moz's smile, his Nan's cigarette, the warmth of family unity. I love old photos, but then, like most of us, as time fades, I am increasingly consumed with nostalgia.

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Is that a can of Guinness or Old Glory at the table ? 🤔
I'm saying Guinness - but it could be - and if it was my gaff in the 70's it would be Mackeson Stout. Bloody lovely stuff. My gran' had a can of that every night along with small drop of Powers. She lived to age 93.


Fuaaa!!! That photo is very tender!!! Moz must relive all the smells and sensations that one has when seeing loved ones, who are no longer there,.. the photos are magical bring you mixed feelings, Moz this tender I love when Moz shows a little of his intimate life in the past and happy, and I would love it to show his current happiness, question of letting go and flow and that matters nothing what they think lps demas I love you Moz


Mozulisss!! Mozulis !!!Mozulis !!My Mosucchy sos lo mas !!!!!Mi vieji chiquitito!!!


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Let's say it is 1982... think of the whirlwind just the next 10 years would bring... the entirety of The Smiths: albums, singles, TV appearances and tours. The Smiths breakup, going solo... releasing his first 3 solo albums and 2 full tours. You could see how this could be a cherished prior moment he might want to freeze.
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What a lovely photo of Morrissey and his family. I really appreciate it when he shares these photos.


I get very sad looking at this photo, because I feel like his Mother and Grandmother (and Sister) were the only ones in his life who ever loved him for who he was, not what he became, or what he could do for them.

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