Can you help the family of a fan sadly passed away?


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A message from Leslie Holmes of the Salford Lads Club...

"A family came to the club yesterday with this picture, it from an MNE of 1987 I think, the young fan on the left called Paul is their son/brother. He died in April earlier this year and they have been trying to get a copy of the original photo but without success, they also want to donate a few items of Paul’s to the smiths room as he was a big fan.

Does anyone know any more about the photo, who is the photographer?

They think it was pre “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before” video.

Does anyone have a copy of this pic in good condition that we can scan even?

How about the others in the pic, does anyone know them?

Any information would be a great help thanks.


By the way - the title on the picture as sent was "Smiths convention from NME 1987"




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This photo was almost certainly taken by the photographer Kevin Cummins at the 1988 Smiths convention in Manchester.

I reckon he will probably be willing to give Leslie the time of day if contacted. He is @KCMANC on Twitter or you could try [email protected]


How sad, sweet dreams fellow Smiths fan! Hope that gets sorted for the family, i'm sure it will.

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Well done to all who helped this family out in finding a definitive answer.
See, fan forums such as this do have a place!

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Perhaps the creche isn't as hateful after all!
Faith in humanity restored a bit.
Kind regards to Mr.Cummings for such a swift response.
I will look out for Paul's items next time I am up Salford way.


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I was round the SLC today, the photos and original on memory stick have been handed over. I love it when a plan comes together. Thanks again to KC.

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