Morrissey Central "CAN YOU HELP HOLD ON TO YOUR FURRY FRIENDS ?" (July 23, 2020)


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Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 888

He’s just trying to be all things to all people remaining, who haven’t figured out that he’s a washed up, daft, bitter old c***. He wants to clear out the old stock to make room for new versions of the old stock.

Furries want no part of his nonsense - least of all the pap he tries to pass for music.

He’s wasting his time. Furries don’t carry wallets and their fat, furry fingers prevent them from pressing “play” on any device.

Little man, what now? He’s tired out the gay community, British, Mexicans, Italians, Catholics, Israeli Jews, Muslims, black artists and any other reasonably thoughtful human being who’s still alive. Never mind those who’re dead. The animals won’t be far behind, once they figure out what that strange, pitchy garbage is. What’s left? Just the right.

America. He said it wasn’t the world but, I’m quite sure he’s regretting that now, judging on sales. Stay tuned for more post-mortem grovelling and t-shirts of his cat. ...who - lets be frank and open - is in a MUCH better place. ;)


say hello to the Serb king of 'comedy'🤒
just back for a non existing Polish comedy tour.:lbf:
the hapless cuck:lbf:

Strange Fruit

Stop being a twat all your life.
Why? It’s obviously an option for people. Not sure what high-holy throne of hypocrisy you’re perched on but you’ve made it your existence around here, l’il fella - so...


Well, you're clearly not going to say anything interesting - or relevant to Morrissey.

Talk about “The pot the pot calling the kettle” :laughing:
Brilliant start to the day Kags :clap:

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